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Dbms2sde spatially enables a table in Oracle, Informix, DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server using the ESRI Spatial Database Engine (ArcSDE). Dbms2sde is a command-line program written in the C programming language that uses the ESRI C API for SDE and, consequently, you need the ESRI SDE runtime libraries (e.g., sde81.dll or, and so on) to run dbms2sde. The dbms2sde distribution includes source code and Windows and Solaris binaries.

Dbms2sde Screenshot
Screenshot Of Dbms2sde

Running dbms2sde is similar to running shp2sde (see the administrator command references section of ArcSDE Online) except that you run dbms2sde on a table, and not on a shapefile. Dbms2sde includes options for various shape features, including points, circles, rectangles, and lines.

Dbms2sde is an ESRI Arcscript and can be downloaded there. Here you may request help, seek help from others in the dbms2sde community, report bugs, request features, and subscribe to receive announcements about new releases or other timely information.

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